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With years of experience, Green Dragon Group offers high-quality FTL and LTL transportation services to clients across Europe. We provide a wide range of trailer types, including curtainsiders, mega trailers, vans, flatbeds, low loaders, container chassis, coil trailers, and jumbo sets. Our comprehensive services also encompass dedicated and partial refrigerated transport using standard refrigerated trailers, hook trailers, double-deck trailers, bi-temperature trailers, and insulated trailers. In addition to our reliable and timely deliveries, we offer additional services such as handling and warehousing of goods throughout Europe.

For carriers

We are a company that values timely payment for services rendered and strives to maintain a steady partnership with subcontractors on favorable terms. We offer an individual approach to each assignment, providing support at every stage of transportation and leveraging our extensive industry experience to ensure continuity of orders throughout Europe. We are available for you 24/7.

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LTL transportation

If you need to transport a smaller quantity of goods, you can always take advantage of our LTL transportation services. This way, you can avoid unnecessary costs and overpaying for unused cargo space.

FTL transport

In case of larger quantities of goods, we offer FTL (Full Truckload) transport. We guarantee fast and secure delivery of your cargo to the specified address, always maintaining the highest quality standards.

Refrigerated Transport

If you are transporting products that require specific temperature conditions, our refrigerated transport service is perfect for you. We provide suitable transportation conditions for every type of cargo, ensuring that your products arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

ADR transport

We also specialize in the transportation of hazardous goods in accordance with ADR regulations. We operate with the highest safety standards to ensure a peaceful and secure transportation of your cargo.

Time-critical transport

If you need to transport your cargo within a short timeframe, we offer time-critical transport services. Our fleet of vehicles is prepared to respond quickly and fulfill orders promptly.

Transport across Europe

We are able to offer transportation of your goods to any location in Europe. With our extensive network of partners, we ensure timely and secure delivery of your cargo to every corner of the continent.